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Dive into Dragon Girl in Blender by SpeedChar

We are excited to announce the launch of SpeedChar's new course, Dragon Girl in Blender! This in-depth course is meticulously designed for intermediate and advanced Blender users. It takes you through a comprehensive journey where you sculpt and create everything from scratch using Blender.

Guided by the expert 3D artist Niko, you'll learn to model, texture, and render a stunning dragon girl character complete with a dragon and a sword. This course ensures you grasp every aspect of character creation, from initial sculpting to the final rendered scene.

Final result from the tutorial

For a limited time, this course is available at an incredible 30% off. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your 3D modeling skills for just $14!

Explore more about the course and grab your discount here.

Morten Jaeger

Co-Founder of FlippedNormals. I have a passion creating tutorials and a not so secret love for Japan

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