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Hey Maya users! Looking for the best solution to create ropes, pipes, and wires in your projects? Look no further than Rope Rig Pro 2.1, the top-rated, best-selling rope rig on FlippedNormals!

Why You'll Love Rope Rig Pro 2.1

  • Versatile and Easy to Use: With Rope Rig Pro 2.1, you can effortlessly create ropes of any length, thickness, twist, and shape. Whether you need pipes, wires, or dynamic rope effects, this rig has you covered.
  • Perfect for Various Uses: Ideal for quick and easy rigging of pipes, wires, ropes, and even rubber hose type arms and legs. Essentially, any rope-like shape you need can be achieved with this tool.
  • Seamless Texturing: The rope comes with UVs, making it super easy to texture afterward, giving your projects a polished and professional look.
  • Built with PaintFX: Leveraging the power of PaintFX, Rope Rig Pro 2.1 ensures high-quality results that integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

What Makes It Stand Out?

  • Top-Rated and Best-Selling: As one of the highest-rated products in the props category on FlippedNormals, you know you’re getting a tried and tested tool trusted by many Maya professionals.
  • Exclusive for Autodesk Maya: Tailored specifically for Maya users, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

Get your hands on Rope Rig Pro 2.1 today and elevate your 3D projects with ease!

Explore Rope Rig Pro 2.1

Happy rigging!

Morten Jaeger

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