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Hey Blender enthusiasts! We’re excited to spotlight one of our best-selling courses, Revitalize Paintings in 3D with Blender, exclusively available on FlippedNormals. With a perfect 5-star rating, this course is a favorite among artists looking to bring their 2D paintings to life in the 3D space.

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What You’ll Learn

In this comprehensive course, you'll dive deep into the world of 3D painting, unraveling its mysteries step by step. The primary goal is to help you develop a solid understanding of painting fundamentals and how to translate them into 3D space. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this course will guide you in revitalizing any kind of painting into a flawless 3D rendition.

Key Features

  • Focused on Painting Fundamentals: The main tool for transforming a painting into 3D is still painting. You'll work extensively in Blender's texture paint mode, learning to hand paint 3D meshes.
  • Versatile Learning: Whether you want to master Blender’s internal texture painting mode or understand the process of making 3D renditions of paintings, this course is perfect for both. It’s also a great fit for surfacing artists interested in stylized or painterly texturing for game assets.
  • In-Depth Workouts: The course includes two main workouts designed to tackle most types of paintings or illustrations. You'll model scenes in 3D, learn efficient modeling techniques, UV mapping, and hand painting of assets.
  • Extensive Lessons and Resources: With 23 narrated lessons in 1080p HD, over 8 hours of content, and additional realtime recordings, you’ll have plenty of material to learn from. Plus, you'll get access to project blend files at different development stages and the lecturer’s personal illustrative brush pack for Blender.

Course Highlights

  • Detailed Introduction to Texture Painting: Explore Blender’s texture painting mode and learn tools that enhance your painting experience.
  • Efficient Modeling Techniques: Simplify your workflow with effective modeling and UV mapping techniques.
  • Shader Editor and Compositing: Learn to use Blender’s shader editor for edgework and compositing to push the painterly look even further.

Why It’s a Best-Seller

  • High-Quality Content: With consistently high ratings and comprehensive lessons, this course stands out as a valuable resource for artists.
  • Expert Instruction: Benefit from the instructor’s experience in creating painterly environments and assets for games.

Ready to transform your 2D paintings into stunning 3D art?

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Happy painting and modeling!

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