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Never Mess Up Another Video Again With Our Recording Checklist

Here's a convenient recording checklist we've made to make video recording as easy as possible. Go through this list before you record.

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Recording Checklist


✔ Mic not muted
✔ Anti-echo measures deployed
✔ Windows are closed
✔ Water nearby
✔ Phone is silent
✔ Pets kicked out of room


✔ System audio disabled
✔ KeyPress Enabled
✔ Epic Pen Enabled
✔ f.lux or Night Shift disabled
✔ Notes ready
✔ Browser: Bookmarks Hidden
✔ Desktop: Icos Hidden
✔ Close Slack
✔ Start Menu hidden

Studio Space - Recording Checklist

This is the actual space you're recording in. Make sure it's a distraction-free environment, and as noise-free as you can make it.

Unmute Your Mics

Always make sure that your mic is unmuted. I do a recording test to check the mic before every single recording.

Echo Reduction

Echo is the enemy of good audio, and if your recording setup has a lot of echoes, you'll need to reduce that. The easiest way is to put up drying racks with towels, duvets, etc. and reduce concrete surfaces.

Close Windows

If Windows (physical windows, not the OS) are open, you'll get loads of noise from the outside. Make sure they are closed.

Have Water Nearby

You'll probably get thirsty from all the talking. Have a bottle of water nearby.

Set Your Phone to Silent

Silence all devices from phones, tablets, etc.


If you have pets, make sure they are kicked out of the room before recording.

Computer System - Recording Checklist

System Audio Disabled

Always make sure to mute the system audio. If something is playing in the background, like a YouTube video or music, your recording is ruined.

KeyPress Enabled

For displaying keystrokes, we use KeyPress OSD. Make sure it's enabled.

Epic Pen Enabled

We use Epic Pen to draw on the screen. Make sure it's enabled.

f.lux/Night Shade Disabled

Software that dims or changes the color temperature of the screen needs to be disabled.

Notes ready

Always have your notes ready, ideally on a second monitor.


If you're showing private areas of your computer outside of the 3D software, like a browser with bookmarks, Windows Explorer or the Desktop, make sure to hide all sensitive information is hidden.

Slack Closed

Close Slack or any other IM client, as well as your email client. You want to make sure that no notifications appear in the video.

Start Menu Hidden

The Windows Start Menu should be hidden at all times during the video recording.

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