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Introducing our Enhanced Product Ratings!

We're thrilled to re-introduce products ratings on the marketplace. We've given the system a complete overhaul and made it more powerful than ever. At FlippedNormals, curation lies at the heart of everything we do, and this extends to our sellers as well. As you browse through the marketplace, instead of individual product ratings, you will now see the average rating of the creator. With this upgrade you can easily find trusted sellers who consistently deliver excellent content and great customer support.

Moreover, we have introduced a new feature where you can view the number of sales a creator has made by visiting their storefront. In addition to the average rating, this valuable metric helps customers see the reputation of a Creator's store.

Individual product ratings will still be prominently displayed as well. You can find these on the respective product pages. Here's an example from our tutorial Introduction to Sculpting.

Quality over Quantity

Every rating now contributes to a creator's average rating, creating a strong incentive for them to maintain high quality at all times. Creators who consistently earn 5-star reviews will see their entire store benefit from their hard work. Conversely, creators who receive mixed ratings will be motivated to remove underperforming content to protect their average rating. Simply put, we only want quality content on FlippedNormals and this revamped system helps us maintain our high standard.

Rate Products in No Time

Rating a product is easy as pie. Simply visit your library or the product page of a purchased item and click on the stars. That's it! In the rare event that you have any issues with a product, we highly encourage you to reach out to the Creator before leaving a rating. This gives them an opportunity to fix the problem which is a win-win for everybody.

Excited to give it a try? Click here to visit your library and start rating.

Emilie Stabell

Project manager at FlippedNormals

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