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Censoring Mature Content on FlippedNormals

In March 2023 we hosted a Storewide Sale on all reference packs. Within 24 hours of the sale going live, it became clear we needed a mature content filter, fast. Our algorithm automatically displays frequently purchased products at the top of our pages, and suddenly you were no longer able to browse FlippedNormals without drowning in images of boobs.

As a Scandinavian company, we have a relaxed approach to nudity, but our trending products section was quickly turning into "OnlyFans with extra steps", and something had to be done. 4 days later, we have launched our mature content filter. Here's the main highlights of the feature.

Applies to Everyone

By default, the mature content filter is applied for everyone. If you have an account on FlippedNormals, you can allow mature content from your profile settings. Both Admins and Creators will be able to mark products as having mature content, and our team is currently scanning the marketplace to make sure the filter is applied where it's needed.

How it Works

The filter is simple: Product thumbnails and banners will be blurred, and the product gallery will be hidden until you click on "Show product". We've also implemented a feature where hovering over the blurred product thumbnails will reveal the image. This saves you a click by giving you a chance to see if you're interested before going to the product page.

You can now safely browse FlippedNormals without the worry of seeing unsolicited nudity. Click here to see the mature content filter in action.

Emilie Stabell

Project manager at FlippedNormals

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