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What is SEO and why should I care?

SEO stands for "search engine optimisation" and it's how your products get picked up by Google. Without good SEO you are practically invisible on Google. But fear not! We've collected our best tips on how to boost your SEO ranking below.


Make sure to add meaningful keywords to your product titles and descriptions. Some popular keywords in the 3D industry includes:

  • Blender
  • ZBrush
  • Tutorial
  • Basemesh
  • 3D Model

Use Google autocomplete to get inspired on popular keywords and add them to your titles. The titles needs to be easy to read by customers and Google at the same time.

❌ Environment Creation Course
✅ Blender Environment Creation - Full Tutorial

❌ _free_basemesh01
✅ Free Female ZBrush Basemesh

❌ Orc Rider Tutorial
✅ Orc Rider Character Tutorial - Modeling & Texturing

Headlines and Description

It's always a good idea to add SEO keywords to the your headlines and main text. Instead of having sub-headline called "What will you learn?" in your tutorial description, use the opportunity to add keywords and call it "Learn Beginner Houdini Techniques". Here are some more examples:

❌ Who is this tutorial for?
✅ Perfect for Beginners to 3D Modeling

❌ Features
✅ ZBrush Plugin Features

Aim to keep your product title between 40 and 60 characters long and make sure it accurately describes what you're selling. Below we've fixed some of the common SEO title mistakes we often see on the marketplace:

Problem 1 - Non-Descript

The title doesn't tell us what type of product we're buying. Add descriptive words such as "tutorial", "reference pictures" or "asset pack" to the title.

❌ Laney Elven Queen

✅ +830 Elven Queen Reference Pictures

Problem 2 - Too Long

The title is too long and will be capped by Google. If you need to create a long product title, keep the most important words at the front.

❌ SWORD & MACE Tutorial - ULTIMATE BROTHERS IN ARMS BUNDLE EDITION - Master The Art Of ZBrush, 3Ds Max & Substance Painter

✅ SWORD & MACE Tutorial - Ultimate Hard Surface Modeling & Texturing Bundle

Problem 3 - Too Short

The title is too short and doesn't include important selling points. Highlight anything that's special about your product in the title.

❌ Demon Girl

✅ Demon Girl Game Character | Full Rig + 4 Skins

Use the "Search" Test

What would you search for if you were a customer looking for your products?

You're more likely to search for "Hard Surface Weapon Tutorial in ZBrush" instead of "Renaissance Inspired Dagger Creation" or "Game Ready Female Basemesh" instead of "Annie - Full Maya Project".

Use this test to strike a good balance between generic and specific to give customers a chance to find your product on Google. 

Examples of Products with Good SEO

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